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EZ Clean 32oz Spray Bottle

EZ Clean 32oz Spray Bottle

EZ-Clean is a professional grade highly concentrated bioenzyme odor and stain remover formulated to break down proteins, starches, blood, bile, sugars, urine, feces, and other organic waste by removing the source (organic matter). EZ-Clean is also a mold & mildew suppressant. EZ-Clean works by introducing high concentrations self-starting bacteria to accelerate the break down of organic matter. EZ-Clean eliminates stains and odors by eating the food the bacteria feed on. EZ-Clean will eliminate stains and odors on almost any odor or stain off almost any surface, indoor and outdoor.  is safe, non-toxic, green, and renewable. The bio enzymatic category is new to the US market and Costco can be a pioneering retailer. EZ-Clean is currently sold in Safeway / IGA & Amazon in Canada and Amazon in the US. There is no comparable product on the market. EZ-Clean is 50 x’s stronger than Natures Miracle, Oxy Clean, Simple Green, and Febreze which all encapsulate or kill the organic matter leaving behind organic gases but don’t eliminate the source. EZ-Clean eliminates the source of the problem and therefore the problem disappears.


Just spray on EZ-Clean and walk away.   

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