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JPO 100 Absobent

JPO 100 Absobent

Our absorbent is the most cost-effective way to contain and control oil spills.


Cleaning oil spills can be done quickly and easily. Upon contact, JPO instantly absorbs, encapsulates, and never lets go of any type of oil spill on water, soil, grass, and solid surfaces. JPO is effective on diesel fuel, lubricants, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, cutting fluids, oil field waste, and many others. JPO can be used on small spills and large hydrocarbon environmental containment and clean up.


JPO encapsulates the spill and the spill material may be reclaimed or recycled after pressing.


JPO can be purchased in 1 pound containers, 2 cubic foot bags, 45 pound drums, pillows, mats, socks, and barriers. We can also customize a solution for your specific needs. 


Please contact us with your needs and customized pricing.

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